Welcome to the Move to Heal Project! 

Let me tell you a bit about who we are and how we came to be.

The Move to Heal Project was born with the idea to create a space that I really wanted- and needed- a few years ago but did not exist. 

My mom always told me that I came out of the womb worrying. Looking back on my childhood and into my teenage years I can say with certainty there was never a time when I didn't feel afraid. Even in happy moments it always felt like something terrible was about to happen.

I realize now this was because I was in the throes of experiencing long-term trauma. I never knew calm because my baseline was angst. Coupled with angst I began to experience bouts of depression. I eventually was diagnosed withComplex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is what I still live with today.

Through my worst periods of anxiety and depression, I always seemed to turn to movement to buoy me. When I was anxious, I ran. When I was depressed, I walked. When the panic attacks happened, I did yoga.

Even if it was just five minutes I always felt a little, tiny bit better. I realize now, there is so much power in simply moving our bodies.

At the lowest of my low, I wanted an online space to access that openly talked about mental health, but also one that was pro-active. All I wanted was something to hold on to; something tangible that I could work with.  I wanted to hear stories of other people going through the same thing. I wanted ideas as to how things could get better; how I could help make them better. I wanted community. I wanted to feel less alone. 

These are the bones of the MTH project.

The MTH project is an online space that encourages movement as an aid for any mental health related issue. It is community focused- because we are stronger when we share our stories. It is also a space to learn about nutrition and fuel- everything our bodies need as they are healing.

Movement, nutrition, and community seem so natural to me now, but I never want to take for granted the things that I have learned along the way. Because I grew up detaching from everything my mind was blown in 2010 when I did my yoga teacher training and discovered my mind and body were connected; that one affects the other.

I whole-heartedly believe in this project because moving with purpose and intention actually changed my life.

While movement hasn't been the single thing that has lead me to a healthy and happy life, it has definitely been, and continues to be, an important building block in maintaining one.

My hope is for this project to have a domino effect; both on the way people view mental health and on the way we begin to address and move (literally) through it-individually and together.

So excited to start this journey with you! LETS GO!