Someone I was chatting with a long time ago said something that really stuck with me:

"You can't have just one lifeline"

I brushed it off at the time, but as I moved through depression, anxiety, and C-PTSD- I realized how important it is to have multiple streams of support. Ie- a doctor you trust, a great counsellor, a strong inner circle of friends, a community you can be involved in- etc.

Writing has always been in my bones. While I have never been much of a journaller, I have always felt a release writing creatively through essays and poems.

I began to write poetry again after reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Her book moved me so much. It was the first poetry book I had read that was raw and spoke directly to the pain she had experienced. On top of that, it was also so open and completely badass and empowering.

I knew that if she could speak to her pain, I could too- that maybe, if it was difficult to talk about, it may be a little easier to write about.

8 months later I wrote a novel, which I recently self-published.

The Write to Heal portion of the site will be a space where I will share my own writing in hopes of inspiring others to pull out a pen and paper and explore what they have gone through.

All poems will be paired with yoga- just like in my book- to encourage movement.


For Todays Poem:


He tells you he loves you

and then he leaves you

Over and over again

He does it until you believe

This is what love is



(Camel pose/Ustrasana)- To Open the Heart



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