There are lots of articles online that talk about the relationship between music and mood- does music help boost mood? Can it be effective? The findings vary- YES music can be helpful but also, we can tune music out if and when we want to so in other cases, sometimes mood does trump music.

However, here at The Move to Heal Project, we LOVE music- how many times have you heard a song in your favourite exercise class that helps you push through the last portion of your workout?

How many times have you been driving, and your favourite song comes on the radio, and singing for the next five minutes takes you out of the anger you were feeling when you got lost?

How many times have you had a terrible day at work, but pressing PLAY on a calming music playlist helped with that?

We wanted to share one of our favourite fun and upbeat playlists with you-

(The perfect playlist to take you into your week).


xo MTH