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Your Monday Mood-Boosting Playlist


Your Monday Mood-Boosting Playlist

There are lots of articles online that talk about the relationship between music and mood- does music help boost mood? Can it be effective? The findings vary- YES music can be helpful but also, we can tune music out if and when we want to so in other cases, sometimes mood does trump music.

However, here at The Move to Heal Project, we LOVE music- how many times have you heard a song in your favourite exercise class that helps you push through the last portion of your workout?

How many times have you been driving, and your favourite song comes on the radio, and singing for the next five minutes takes you out of the anger you were feeling when you got lost?

How many times have you had a terrible day at work, but pressing PLAY on a calming music playlist helped with that?

We wanted to share one of our favourite fun and upbeat playlists with you-

(The perfect playlist to take you into your week).


xo MTH


Serotonin Smoothie *


Serotonin Smoothie *

One of my favourite ways to incorporate protein into my diet is in a SMOOTHIE! And just like Camille talked about in her article on Protein and Serotonin (posted May 15th), incorporating protein into your breakfast can be pivotal in terms of how you feel on a day to day basis.

One of my favourite smoothie recipes was concocted by my friend Mel at our local run club. It has the perfect amount of antioxidants (hemp seeds), protein (bee pollen), and electrolytes (coconut water).

One of the biggest changes I've made in my life over the past few years has been paying attention to my diet. I began to notice a connection between food and mood. Ie I noticed a boost and felt more uplifted when my diet contained more whole, nourishing foods and less sugar and caffeine.

This blog post just scratches the surface but the FUEL TO HEAL section of this site will be a continual dialogue on how what we eat relates to how we feel.

The smoothie recipe is listed below. Happy fueling :)


Super Serotonin Smoothie:

1.5 cups spinach

1 banana

half an English cucumber

1 peeled lime

5 basil leaves

2 Tbs bee pollen

pinch of Himalayan sea salt

1 cup coconut water

1/2 cup coconut milk

GARNISH: toasted coconut flakes// hemp seed with cacao// bee pollen


Photo cred: @acqtastemag